What are APA's hours?

APA is open from

9:00 AM - 12:45 PM

M, T, W, Fr. August through May.

We follow a schedule similar to the Decatur City Schools and The Museum School. The exact APA calendar is published over the summer. Ask about our extended Stay n' Play option.

Can I visit the school?

YESSSSS! Please call or email us to make an appointment.



How much is tuition?

APA's monthly tuition varies by age group and attendance. We have very competitive prices and, unlike many schools, the daily lunch hour is included in our tuition. We also have a Stay n' Play option.

1 day babies​                                $185

2 day babies​                                $235

2 day two yr olds                        $250

3 day two yr olds                        $300

2 day three yr olds                     $285

3 day three yr olds                     $325

3 day four yr olds                       $375 

4 day Multi-Age

two - four yr olds                            $400