Our Program

APA currently has four different classrooms distinguished by age and development. We have the ability to adjust as capacity and student need dictates. Small class size allows our students to access more individualized learning and interaction. We take into consideration "the whole child" and communicate closely with parents when deciding when a child moves from one group to another. All children experience Music and Art. Three's and Four's engage in Spanish and Storytelling. Snack and Lunch are included in our day.


The Lamb Room

Babies and Ones

Play. Nurture. Love. Our little lambs spend their day surrounded by love and nurture. The babies have a flexible daily schedule. We engage in play- based learning, art, music, and outside time when the weather permits. Snack and lunch are a part of our day. We prefer Lambs to attend two days to provide consistency in their transition from home, however one day is available if needed.


The Bird Room


There is nothing busier than a two year old! The Bird Room is always a buzz with learning and play. Students engage in exploratory, play-based learning through a diverse set strategies. Students participate in both independent and group play, sensory activities and stations, storytime, music, and arts and crafts. Bird Room also participates in a "learning circle" for several minutes each day. This brief introduction to a "circle time" learning strategy, prepares the Birds for their next step in learning. Snack, lunch, and outside time are a part of the day. Young three year olds often remain in the Bird Class until they are socio-emotionally ready to move on to the Butterfly Class. We are fortunate to be able to differentiate and address an individual child's needs when making such decisions.

The Bee and Butterfly Rooms

Threes and Fours/Multi-age Tuesday

 Our three and four year old's benefit from a dynamic learning environment that balances play and structured learning. Our Bees and Butterflies are encouraged to explore the world through arts-integrated and sensory play strategies. They learn to navigate group learning by developing important problem solving and emotional intelligence skills. These students come together to engage in specific Music, Spanish, and Storytelling classes weekly. We prefer Bees and Butterflies to attend three or four days a week for consistency. Butterflies also engage in appropriate Pre-K academic goals. Snack and lunch and outside time are a part of the day. Multi-Age Tuesday is a special PMO morning in the Butterfly Room in which 2 - 4 year olds play, explore, and learn together.